Clay inset day with Liverpool City Council's Early Years Foundation Stage practitioners, March, 2018. 

The evaluation forms showed that the main learning points were:

Let children explore- process not product x 5

No need for tools x 4

The importance of clay as a malleable resource and to develop imagination

Worked with something previously out of my comfort zone 

only previously used clay as an end product> this has really made me think

clay to develop language x 3

and regarding the quality of the event:

Very enjoyable and practical x 2

Helped develop my confidence

Very relaxed, professional enjoyable(x2) and fun x 2

Excellent, absolutely loved it!

Knowledgeable trainer, relaxed but questioning

I didn’t lose interest as it was so practical and enjoyable

Excellent day. Really scaffolded my thinking

Delivery and communication throughout the day was excellent. Highly relevant and engaging

Fantastic x 2-very friendly and helpful

Plenty to take back

 "Rod Harris’s methodology is informed by his practice as a sculptor working directly with materials ... Rod took a decisive but non-authoritarian role as leader or facilitator by setting up the creative space and related task and by overseeing a process by which individuals needed to work with others to achieve a result. They needed to give space to others to come forward and offer suggestions, skills, to make mistakes and move on. Rod realised a high level of aesthetic experience both in the formal sense – quality of materials, colour and texture, but also in a transformative sense of something becoming something else in ways that were completely unimaginable at the outset. Rod enabled individuals to make new things that appeared from the outset to be impossible to achieve by developing both self-reliance and collaboration.”

Dr Anne Douglas, On the Edge Research.

The Teacher who knew about the Reggio Emilia philosophy volunteered that her views had changed. Initially, she wanted to be taught specific skills and techniques to do with clay. She felt that she had learnt a great deal from Rod. She was more confident about the clayness of clay."

Manny Lewis, Chairman, The British Association for Early Childhood Education, 136 Cavell Street, London.

"The excellent work carried out with a visiting artist is developing the creativity of children and their parents". 

Ofsted 2012, Knowle West Children's Centre.

The children responded well to having an artist in residence who is so good at tapping into their interests and respecting their wonderful ideas” “Rod was very sensitive to their needs and encouraged them to join in as and when they were ready” 

Headteacher Soo Rolfe, Little Hayes Nursery School Evaluation of Creative Partnerships project (Exploring Horizons 2005-2006)